Vocabulário com Filmes

Vocabulário com Filmes

21/08/2018 0 Por Alexandre Emerson

Você consegue identificar o filme com a descrição abaixo? Deixe nos comentários sua resposta!

  1. A superhero has to save his city from a criminal mastermind._____________________

  2. A husband and wife discover that they work for competing contract killing agencies
    and that their next targets are each other!______________

  3. A girl from Kansas gets swept up in a tornado and finds herself in a mystical land_____________

  4. The son of a Mafia boss reluctantly takes over the family business.______________________

  5. An orphan boy who’s living with his aunt, uncle and cousin discovers that he’s a wizard.____________

  6. Three men retrace their steps to find the missing groom after a crazy Las Vegas bachelor party.____________

  7. A magical nanny, and her flying umbrella, transforms the lives of an unhappy British family._________

  8. A private detective who becomes involved in a dangerous scandal, with Faye Dunaway as the femme

  9. A lonely young boy helps an alien stranded on earth find his way home._________________